Telecommunication Equipment, Electrical & Security:

Building tomorrow with our procurement solutions

As a supplier of electrical & communication systems, Eurostaal provides procurement solutions to ensure reliable and safe power products to the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industry, backed by efficient information management systems.

Our electrical department is managed by an experienced team from the electrical industry with extensive experience in manufacturing, utility, consulting and service companies thus understanding yourelectrical demands. As a solution provider, we bring together the expertise of different disciplines and third party suppliers to provide the optimum solution for your specific needs supported by efficient information management systems.

“Our mission is to provide high quality power system reliability products and services to our customers utilizing practical methodology for both the technical and safety aspects of your plant.”

Eurostaal provides customized solutions which promote safety, reliability, and provide continuously high process availability, even under the harshest conditions. Below please find a list of products we deliver with respect to Electrical, telecommunications and security of your process:

     ► Reactors
     ► Process column
     ► Pressure vessel
     ► Spherical (Storage) tank
     ► Static and fluidized dryer
     ► Shell & tube heat exchanger
     ► Plate type heat exchanger
     ► Double pipe heat exchanger
     ► Silo
     ► Thermal oxidizer
     ► Chiller
► Air cooler
► Reformer furnace
► Fired heater
► Boiler package
► Heat recovery steam generator
► Deaerator
► Incinerator
► Evaporator
► Condenser
► Scrubber
► Separator

A reserve supply of spare parts can be ordered from Eurostaal to provide sufficient parts and tools to handle most normal replacements and emergency repairs for operational life of the aforementioned equipment. These kits include replacement gaskets & O-rings, rupture discs, drive belts, seals, instrumentation and accessories.

We monitor the complete procurement cycle of your static equipment from drawing to production all the way to delivery and erection at site.