Static Equipment:

Our experience for your success

Our in-depth experience, together with fully-integrated data base and connections with reputable manufacturers, enable our team of experts to satisfy customer demands in terms of production range, delivery and budget for any types of static equipment.

Static equipment being critical and the strength of your plant, we make sure to finalize clarification of technical requirements prior to order placement and during the manufacturing cycle; we monitor and ensure that the ordered items are in accordance with your project demands.

“We are committed to our client's needs by offering the best services anywhere in the world and fulfilling their requirements. Our experience and international affiliation with other companies and subsidiaries has expanded our activities worldwide.”

We have delivered the following types of equipment for our clients from manufacturers using the state of the art technologies in cladded, duplex, low alloy, Inconel, Monel material:

     ► Reactors
     ► Process column
     ► Pressure vessel
     ► Spherical (Storage) tank
     ► Static and fluidized dryer
     ► Shell & tube heat exchanger
     ► Plate type heat exchanger
     ► Double pipe heat exchanger
     ► Silo
     ► Thermal oxidizer
     ► Chiller
► Air cooler
► Reformer furnace
► Fired heater
► Boiler package
► Heat recovery steam generator
► Deaerator
► Incinerator
► Evaporator
► Condenser
► Scrubber
► Separator

A reserve supply of spare parts can be ordered from Eurostaal to provide sufficient parts and tools to handle most normal replacements and emergency repairs for operational life of the aforementioned equipment. These kits include replacement gaskets & O-rings, rupture discs, drive belts, seals, instrumentation and accessories.

We monitor the complete procurement cycle of your static equipment from drawing to production all the way to delivery and erection at site.