Chemicals & Catalysts:

Whatever your process, we have the right solution

Eurostaal is a leading suplayer of chemicals and related innovative products and services for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, steel, mining, waste and water Industry.

Our specialized marketing and business professionals are armed with the ability to understand your industry requirement. We are experts at sourcing unique products and solutions. Our dedicated team ensure we represent our suppliers with operational and customer service excellence. We combine a market focused approach with strong supplier relationships and best in class customer service.

"We are a growing successful company with the resources, leadership, influence and internal capability to meet the demands of the energy business.”

     Dedicated catalysts for:
         ► Catalytic production plant
         ► Hydrocracker
         ► Hydrotreater
         ► CO/CO2 convertor
         ► Hydrogen purifier
         ► Steam reforming
         ► VC/EDC production
         ► Polymer production
         ► Activated carbon
         ► Molecular seive
         ► Silica gel
Dedicated chemicals/solvents for:
     ► Demineralized water
     ► Cooling water
     ► Waste water treatment
     ► Seawater desalination
     ► Oil & petrol by-product
     ► Plastic & rubber
General Used chemicals:
     ► Adhesive & sealant
     ► Emulsifier, demulsifier
     ► Scale inhibitor
     ► Corrosion inhibitor

Eurostaal approach to the chemical industry has been to provide customers with a single point of contact for their entire chemical needs and have progressed into a company that provides customers with a variety of comprehensive chemical programs. Knowing our key markets is the element that makes us unique. We have a technical commercial team that understands end use market applications and can help deliver solutions to the markets needs. We look forward to earning your trust and demonstrating the value we can offer.