Process Packaged Equipment:

Consider us an extension of your business

It is the policy of Eurostaal to meet or exceed our customer's requirements by supplying cost effective quality products and services in a consistent and timely manner. Eurostaal is committed to constant improvement of our products. Our packages are totally customized to fit our client's prerequisites and to ensure the maximum efficiency in dosing the chemical required by the process for the specific application to better satisfy the needs of the costumers.

Eurostaal is your single source for the complete engineered packages and systems for the oil, gas, both upstream and downstream, in the field of offshore platforms and onshore plants, petrochemical, chemical and power plants. Our quality products and services meet a broad range of applications you depend on.

“We will meet a project's stated goals, whether it is for the supply of single equipment packages built to client specification or entire systems. Whatever your project requirement you can trust Eurostaal to get the job done.”

All delivered package come with spare parts, manual, documentation and drawings. We provide commissioning, start up to routine maintenance, even in the most remote locations. We have procured and delivered the following types of packaged equipment in different pressure applications with exotic material suitable for hazardous areas for our clients:

     ► Chemical/catalyst injection package
     ► Corrosion inhibitor injection package
     ► Chemical/catalyst dosing package
     ► Molecular sieve package
     ► Methanol injection package
     ► Nitrogen generation package
     ► Antifoam/anti scale injection package
     ► Refrigeration Package
     ► Odorization package
► Air separation unit/plant
► Air production unit/plant
► Seal oil unit
► Lube oil unit
► Dosing unit
► Hydrogen purification unit/plant
► Gas dehydration unit/plant
► Flare gas recovery unit/system
► Waste water treatment unit/plant
► Gas/Air dryer unit
► Wellhead control panel

You can depend on Eurostaal for spare parts, revamp and upgrading of your packaged equipment. Our long standing association with only the best manufacturers in the field enables us to deliver you the best products and services from drawing to onsite installation and operation.