Parts & Components for Mechanical Equipment:

Our Motivation is quality rather than quantity

The understanding of our customer’s projects and a rooted relationship with high quality mills and stockyards worldwide has made us a reliable long term partner for manufacturing and engineering companies. Your project is our business and as part of your purchasing team we can deliver you procurement solutions.

We understand that routine maintenance and scheduled overhauls, as necessary as they are, can be problematic for the plant’s continual functionality. We therefore have the capability to meet your “On time” delivery and technical requirements with respect to parts and components and Mechanical equipment in the oil, gas and petrochemical plants.

Our company has served the industry for over two decades and has delivered thousands of tons of parts and components and equipment for various projects worldwide.

“The ability to innovate has been a key component in our success in satisfying each customer to date with respect to their project budget, delivery time and technical requirements.”

We have delivered the following types of parts and components for our clients in carbon steel, stainless steel, cladded, duplex, low alloy, Inconel, Monel material in various executions according to International Standards:

     ► Plate
     ► Perforated plate
     ► Fabricated head & toriconical section
     ► Pipe & tube
     ► Fitting
     ► Flange
     ► Forgings (According to drawings)
     ► Girth flange
     ► Tray & internal
► Demister pad
► Special casing
► Nut & bolt
► Gasket
► Notch filter
► Grids/platforms
► Wire mesh
► (Pressure) Flexible hose
► Nozzle

We can arrange for additional services such as custom made cutting, bending, surface treatment and pre-fabrications according to your requirements. Additional testing, certification and color coding are standard requisite we follow. As a company policy, we submit status reports to our clients to make sure they are kept updated with respect to their order and timely delivery.