Instrumentation & Control System:

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We have been recognized as a distributing company for quality leader instrumentation and we are passionate about continuing this tradition. Our many years of combined experience with process control instruments allow us to carefully match components to your specific application in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and cement industry.

“Our company continually strives to exceed customer expectations by providing wide range of sourcing solutions, timely deliveries and competitive pricing from distinguished Brands.”

In addition to our wide range of instrumentation supply, we also offer complete turnkey industrial process control packages and in consultation with our vendor partners, we offer full warranty support. Below please review a list of field instruments, process control systems and automation we can deliver to your industry:

     Field instrumentation:
         ► Electronic/pneumatic transmitter
         ► Switch:
         ► Gauge:
         ► Sensor:
         ► Meters:
             Flow meter (Ultrasonic, vortex, magnetic)
             Rota meter, density meter, level meter
         ► Sight glass/gauge glass
         ► Venturi tube
         ► Orifice plates/rupture disc
         ► Bimetal thermometer
         ► Thermocouple
         ► Junction box
         ► Instrument cable, field bus & optical
Automation valve:
     ► Control valve (Globe/ball)
     ► On/Off valve (Actuator/motorized)
     ► Safety relief valve (Globe/ball)
     ► Instrument valve, manifold
     ► Actuator/positioner (Pneumatic)
Process control and automation:
     ► FCS , DCS, ESD system
     ► PLC, BMS, SCADA, HMI system
     ► PCL wellhead control system
     ► Fieldbus solution
     ► Recorder
     ► Indicator
     ► Converter
     ► Detector
Analysis instruments:
     ► Chromatograph
     ► Analyzer (Oxygen, H2O, PH, etc.)
     ► Monitoring systems (Vibration, etc)

We bring true value to your instrumentation and company needs with the best in class service, pricing, quality, product availability and spare parts.