Piping Material:

Your procurement partner in industrial projects

The executive management at Eurostaal collaboratively has many years of experience and provides expert leadership for a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals, handpicked for their industry knowledge and expertise.

We have a unique knowledge of piping material products. We only procure directly from certified and reputed manufactures. We ensure that our clients use only optimum quality material. Our reputation stands for providing competitive prices, technical services and on-time deliveries for every project for over 25 years that makes Eurostaal a leading supplier.

“By examine the quality of ordered products with stringent parameter; we guarantee customer satisfaction with respect to budget, delivery time and origin of the materials ordered by us.”

We have delivered the following types of piping material for various industries in any type of general steel and exotic material in different forms of executions. All our supplied products meet or exceed international standards per your specification requirements and included full documentation.

     ► Pipe
     ► Fitting
     ► Flange
     ► Valve
     ► Gasket
     ► Nut & bolt
     ► Filter
     ► Strainer
     ► Steam trap
     ► Clamp
     ► Connector
► Sight glass
► Flame arrestor
► Pig launcher & receiver
► Insulating kit
► Metal jacketing
► GRP/FRP piping material
► Expansion joint (Flexible)
► Shock absorber
► Instrument tubing & fitting
► Actuator
► Holder/column tube

We have delivered and can supply high alloy casting tubes and fittings and special items according to drawings with respect to Gas Crackers, Steam Reformers and Fired Heaters. With an emphasis on continual improvement in both product quality and support service, Eurostaal rises above the competition.

That is why we are a trusted source by plant managers and project managers around the globe. We get the job done where others do not have the capability, inventory or knowledge.