Rotating Equipment:

Creating exceptional procurement strategies

Eurostaal offers extensive range of managed solutions and integrated services for rotating equipment applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical upstream, midstream and downstream. Our portfolio includes gas compression, power generation, gas processing and pipeline transmission.

We focus on delivering improved availability, reliability and performance of all rotating equipment installed on your assets, both onshore and offshore. These include gas turbines, steam turbine, pump, compressor, generator and associated ancillaries.

“We specialize in all aspects of rotating equipment services, installations, commissioning, routine maintenance and supply. With a dedicated team of experienced staff you can have the confidence to know our services are only a phone call away.”

You can rely on our global network of dedicated manufacturers and highly skilled personnel to assist you in every step of the way to minimize downtime and disruption of your installation. We are committed to bringing you innovative; world class solutions that help you maximize the quality and profitability of your plant. All apparatus are costums built and tailor made. Below is a sample of what we have and can deliver to your industry:

     ► Centrifugal compressor
     ► Reciprocating compressor
     ► Axial Flow compressor
     ► Integrally geared compressor
     ► Air compressor
     ► Steam turbine
     ► Gas turbine
     ► Low flow high head pump
     ► (API) centrifugal pump
     ► Centrifugal compressor
► Reciprocating pump
► Metering pump
► Vacuum pump
► Fire water pump
► Diaphragm pump
► Mud pump
► Slurry pump
► Dry seal pump
► Reciprocating pump
► Gear unit

Considering long lead delivery intervals for rotating equipment, Eurostaal can provide spare parts and refurnished packages rebuilt to the same standard as received from the equipment manufacturer or quality OEM parts. We can also incorporate upgrades and modifications as desired to meet your operating needs. You can rely on Eurostaal as your integrated engineering & procurement partner for the requirements related to Rotating equipment.