Safety & Fire-Fighting Systems:

Solutions You Can Count On, Partners You Can Trust

Our aim is to provide optimum protection and safety of your plant. We do this by our emphasis on meeting the strict requirements of industry standards and customer specifications, which enables us to consistently deliver unsurpassed quality.

Eurostaal offers highly technological and modern fire detection and firefighting systems for very different process plants in the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation industry.

“Eurostaal customizes all aspects of our approach to deliver a protection system suited to your needs. Having Eurostaal handle all aspects of your industrial system means your project goes on schedule, on budget and performs as expected.”

We offer a great variety of material and services ranging from mobile equipment to complex fixed systems, fire suppression agents, intelligent smoke and heat detectors, from engineering and design to on-site erection, from production to customer assistance to maintenance, after sales, repair and upgrading.

We deliver the following prevention, detection and containment equipment comprising some of the best known and most trusted brands in the fire industry:

   ► Foam skid/system
   ► Foam concentrate
   ► Fire/smoke & pressure relief damper
   ► Fire/smoke alarm
   ► Extinguishing system
   ► Deluge valve system & accessories
   ► Storage tank protection system (Rim seal)
   ► Escape, evacuation & rescue equipment
   ► Sprinkler & spray nozzle system
   ► Water mist system
   ► Gaseous suppression system
   ► Dry chemical system
   ► Fire fighting vehicle
   ► Fire hydrant system
   ► Hose reel & cabinet
   ► Safety eyewash & shower

With our extensive experience in firefighting and our agreements and relationship with qualified manufacturers, we make sure you choose the right equipment according to your project budget, quality requirement and delivery time, whatever the application may be. We serve by exceeding commitments, providing new technology solutions, leveraging diverse brands, driving operational excellence and committing to the highest standards of business practice to deliver greater value to our customers than our competitors. Your safety is our concern and our mission is to be our customers’ first choice.